Alpha Building Inspectors serves industry at large by performing structural, architectural and utilities systems evaluations for perspective plant buyers, investment acquisitions, mortgage lenders and others. Our field investigations are extremely thorough. Our reports document every system with all identifying types and numbers. Each utility system (electric, heating, cooling, ventilation, steam, compressed air, etc.) is challenged to determine functionality and condition. Comprehensive reports include:
  • Summary description of general building and grounds condition
  • Findings specific to each system; building skin, steel or masonry structure, infrastructure utilities, equipment and other permanently installed systems
  • Digital photographs with descriptions incorporated into the text
  • Recommendations for required and suggested repairs
  • Estimated repair costs for your convenience


ABI inspectors are registered Professional Engineers and highly skilled technicians with many years of industrial building operations experience. We are familiar with construction codes, life safety requirements and good construction practices. Our track record includes small 10,000 square feet manufacturing buildings to large multi-building plant complexes.

Furthermore, ABI's association with the health care industry strategically positions it to assess FDA regulated cleanroom facilities as well. We are familiar with all plant central utilities as well as critical utilities such as pure water reverse osmosis, multi-effect and vapor compression systems to produce Water For Injection, Clean Steam, Clean-in-Place, Steam-in-Place, etc. as well as building automation systems. Please link to Alpha Pharm Tech, our sister division, for further information on this subject.

For more information specific to your requirements, please contact us by email or call our office. A member of our courteous staff will assist you.

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