Alpha Pharm Tech is a division of Alpha Engineering Inc. serving the pharmaceutical and bio-manufacturinmg industry by specializing in the design and fabrication of passive and total isolating equipment to Separate product from operator.


Locally Controlled Environments (LCE’s), as they have come to be known, provide lower first cost and operating costs while greatly reducing product contamination opportunities.

Applications include:

  • Ridged wall, stainless and polyshield isolators for open product manipulation (whether to meet sterile or active material requirements.)
  • Powder weigh booths using unidirectional down flow for passive powder containment and incorporating software integration for product ingredient tracking.
  • Sterile product fill lines to minimize costly class 100 environments and position operators outside the barrier.

Alpha Pharm Tech assesses your process requirements to find the best isolator arrangement to suit ergonomic, accessibility, sterilizing, monitoring, interior conditioning and other requirements. We provide fully tested, operational and validated turn-key units.

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